Accounting software

aCloud Financials is positioned above the book-keeping and ‘micro-accounting’ solutions traditionally inhabited by SaaS finance system providers. It brings all the benefits of a feature-rich finance solution to small and medium enterprises, offering core finance modules including everything from purchasing to project costing. The solution also extends out to non-finance users who require to record time, manage projects, expenses and billing. Not only does it improve the way organisations manage their finances and cash flow, but also the way they manage growth, setting aCloud Financials ahead of its peers in the cloud space.

Geared for organisations looking for scalable growth, aCloud Financials provides a full suite of built in reports to allow for the reporting of crucial financial data, anywhere, anytime. The solution has been developed with the end-user in mind, from finance director to data entry assistant.


Real-time data allows users to accurately track expenses, time and billing as well as digital document management. The reporting and analytics features of aCloud Financials benefits organisations with enterprise level reporting and operational knowledge to enable fast, accurate and detailed insights.


Access aCloud continues to develop innovative solutions, as part of a suite of cloud-based solutions that deliver the resources needed for the modern business to grow, from core financials, CRM and HR to Business Intelligence and Expenses.