Bringing crew management to the vessel

Bringing crew management to the vessel
July 26, 2017 Martyn

As the desire for access to information has grown, Cello Marine has evolved and the connection to multi-platforms both through the web and mobile application has now been realised. This access has allowed owner and Captain to interact with areas of the system previously only viewed by yacht managers and crew payroll companies. A trend we are noticing with this self-sufficiency onboard is that Captains and Pursers are looking to manage more and more crew information themselves. The obvious advantages to this are more control of crew information, a Captain can work closer with their crew and turn around times for issues such as registering new crew and payroll can be processed quicker. To this extent i-Bos are excited to announce that 2017 will see the very first vessel to be self-run using Cello Marine.

The vessel will take advantage of Cello’s management, payroll and leave modules. The system will be run onboard with support services available from the i-Bos office in the Isle of Man.

Martyn Cain from i-Bos has said on the development “Although this is far from spelling the end for Yacht Managers, it is one way in which Superyachts are becoming self-servicing. As technology grows and we get the introduction of more autonomous vessels, Captains will be able to control more facets of daily yacht life from one device. The tablet will become their new office and vital areas from crew management to engine room statistics will need to be available through these devices.”


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Martyn is the Sales & Marketing Manager for i-Bos.