Cello Marine Updates

Cello Marine Updates
June 20, 2016 Martyn

On board flag
By request, a new check has been added to the crew profile. This allows managers to flag whether crew are shore side or working on board the vessel. This flag has been implemented to assist with the change in payment process sometimes needed between onshore and on board crew.

Removing holidays
As life on board can bring challenges, we have found that holiday time can be flexible and on occasions even approved time needs to be rescheduled. A new setting added to the administrator account now allows holidays to be removed after they have been approved. This gives more usability to the in house administrator and acts as a way of reducing support time.

Payslips sent to Captain
By request all vessel payslips can now be saved as a zip file and emailed to the Captain for further distribution.

Martyn is the Sales & Marketing Manager for i-Bos.