Digital Signatures in Cello Marine

Digital Signatures in Cello Marine
March 29, 2017 Martyn

Onboarding new crew can be a lengthy process, gathering information and getting it to a yacht manager has been known to take weeks. At i-Bos, we are now pleased to introduce a new integration between Cello Marine and the digital signature platform 2Sign.

Allowing SEAs and other documents to be signed and stored directly into Cello now means creating a new crew member in the system and having them ready to work can take minutes. When asked about it’s potential, Sales and Marketing Manager for i-Bos, Martyn Cain said “The new partnership with 2Sign is another valuable step in our goal of creating a truely paperless vessel. This advancement in crew management will also extend to chartering, which is a side of the industry seeing growth year on year.


To find out more about digital signatures and how they work with Cello Marine please contact Martyn or Graeme on 01624 612343.

Martyn is the Sales & Marketing Manager for i-Bos.